What Is The Difference Between Percale And Sateen Bed Sheets?

Percale bed sheets are crisp and lightweight, with a matte finish. They are relatively inexpensive and breathable, making them perfect for warm nights. Sateen bed sheets, on the other hand, are soft and silky, with a subtle sheen. They are typically more expensive and heavier than percale sheets.

Are you looking to upgrade your bedding? You’ve probably heard of percale and sateen, but do you know the differences between them? If you’re wondering what sets these two fabrics apart, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, I’ll cover the definitions of percale and sateen, the benefits of each, differences in thread count, differences in fabric weave, care instructions, and price comparison.

When it comes to bedding, it’s important to select the fabric that best suits your needs. Percale and sateen offer different levels of comfort, breathability, and softness.

Definition of percale

Percale is a type of fabric used to make bed sheets, pillowcases, and other linens. It is made of a plain-weave fabric that is lightweight, breathable, and has a crisp feel to the touch. The fabric is usually made of cotton, but can also be made of other materials such as linen, bamboo, and silk. Typically, percale bed sheets are known for their smooth and crisp texture, as well as their durability.

Percale is woven in one over one fashion, meaning the warp and weft yarns are woven into a simple one-over-one-under pattern. This gives the fabric a matte and slightly textured look and feel. The fabrics have a tight weave and are known for being strong and long-lasting. The tight weave also helps to make the fabric wrinkle-resistant and breathable, making it perfect for bedding.

Percale is often considered to be a better choice for bedding than sateen sheets. Percale is lighter and more breathable, making it a great choice for hot nights or those who tend to sleep warm. It’s also more durable and wrinkle-resistant, meaning your bedsheets will last longer and look better for longer.

Definition of sateen

Sateen is a type of fabric weave that creates a smooth, glossy surface. It’s made of tightly woven cotton threads, typically with a high thread count, that creates a subtle sheen. This fabric is often used for luxury bed sheets because of its soft, silky feel.

It is also relatively lightweight and breathable, making it ideal for warmer climates. Sateen sheets are usually more expensive than percale sheets, but worth the higher price point for their luxurious and comfortable feel.

Benefits of percale

If you’re looking for a bed sheet with a crisp, airy hand feel and slightly glossy look, then percale sheets are the way to go. Percale bed sheets are known for being lightweight, breathable, and incredibly durable, making them the ideal choice for people who love a cool, comfortable sleep. Here are some of the top benefits of percale bed sheets:

  • Durability: Made with a tight weave of combed cotton, percale sheets are known for their superior durability and can last for years with proper care. Plus, they are less likely to pill and wear over time, so you can enjoy your sheets for a long time.
  • Comfort: Percale sheets are lightweight and breathable, making them the perfect choice for hot sleepers. The sheets are woven in a way that allows air to flow freely, ensuring that you always have a cool, comfortable sleep.
  • Wrinkle-resistant: Percale sheets are designed to be wrinkle-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about ironing your sheets. Plus, they retain their shape over time, so you don’t have to worry about them becoming misshapen or lumpy.
  • Easy to care for: Percale sheets are relatively low-maintenance and don’t require special laundering instructions. Just toss them in the wash on a regular basis, and you’ll have soft, comfortable bed sheets for years to come.
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So if you’re looking for a luxurious, comfortable, and durable set of bed sheets, percale sheets are the ideal choice. They offer superior comfort and breathability for hot sleepers and are incredibly durable, so you can enjoy them for years to come.

Benefits of sateen

When it comes to bed sheets, sateen is a popular choice among many thanks to its smooth, luxurious feel. With a tighter weave than percale, sateen bedding supplies a softer and smoother feel to the touch. Whether you prefer to sleep under a cooler or warmer fabric, sateen is a great choice as it offers both a cool and a warm sleep surface.

Sateen bedding is known for its soft, luxurious feel. It’s made of cotton and is woven in a way that helps the fabric stay softer and silkier for longer. The fibers of sateen are also less likely to pill or break over time compared to other fabrics, meaning that your sateen sheets will continue to look and feel like new for as long as you own them.

Additionally, sateen sheets are breathable and lightweight, making them an ideal choice for those who experience night sweats or get hot easily. They also don’t wrinkle or crease easily, meaning that you won’t have to worry about constantly having to iron them.

Finally, sateen sheets are known for their durability. Thanks to their tighter weave, sateen bedding is less likely to snag or tear, making them a great investment for those who are looking for bedding that can last.

All in all, sateen bed sheets are a great choice for those looking for a luxurious, breathable, and durable bedding option. With a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, sateen sheets are sure to make any bedroom look and feel stylish.

Differences in thread count

When it comes to percale and sateen bed sheets, one of the biggest differences is in the thread count. Percale sheets tend to have a more traditional thread count range between 180-200, whereas sateen sheets typically have a higher thread count of 300-400.

Thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch of fabric. Percale sheets are usually made of a single-ply thread, which means that one thread is used for both the horizontal and vertical threads for each square inch. Sateen sheets, however, are made of multiple-ply thread, meaning that more than one thread is used for both the horizontal and vertical threads for each square inch.

The thread count of your bed sheets can have a big impact on how they feel. Percale sheets tend to be lighter and crisper than sateen sheets, while sateen sheets are more silky and smooth. The higher thread count of sateen sheets also makes them more durable and longer lasting than percale sheets.

When deciding which type of bed sheets to buy, consider your preference between lighter and crisper sheets or smoother and more durable sheets. If you prefer a softer feel, then sateen sheets are the way to go. If you prefer a more classic feel, then percale sheets are the way to go.

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Differences in the fabric weave

When it comes to percale and sateen sheets, one of the most important distinctions is the fabric weave. Percale is known for its crisp, cool feel, and is made with a one-over-one-under weave, which gives it a matte look. Percale is also less likely to pill or wrinkle, so it can last longer with proper care.

Sateen is designed to be smoother and softer to the touch, and is made with a four-over-one-under weave, which gives it a more pronounced sheen. Sateen is also more prone to pilling and wrinkling, so it may need to be replaced more often than percale.

The weave of each fabric also affects its breathability and absorbency. Percale is a more breathable fabric and is good at wicking away moisture, while sateen is more absorbent and will keep you warmer in colder climates.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. If you’re looking for a cooler, crisp feel, then percale may be the right choice for you. But if you prefer a softer, more luxurious feel, then sateen is the way to go.

Care instructions

Caring for your Percale and Sateen sheets is easy – just follow a few basic steps and you’ll keep them looking and feeling great for years.

To begin, always follow the care instructions on the label. This will help you get the most out of your sheets and ensure they last longer. Generally, Percale sheets should be washed in cold water on the gentle cycle, while Sateen sheets should be washed in warm water on the gentle cycle.

To help keep your sheets looking their best, use a mild detergent, rather than a regular one. Additionally, avoid fabric softener and bleach, as these can damage the fabric, causing it to lose softness and color.

It’s also a good idea to hang or lay your sheets flat to dry. Tumble drying is fine, but be sure to use a cool setting and take them out of the dryer promptly. This will help prevent wrinkles and keep your sheets feeling soft and smooth.

Finally, store your sheets in a cool, dry place when not in use. This will help prevent mildew and keep your sheets in tip-top condition.

Caring for your Percale and Sateen sheets is easy, and with proper care, they’ll provide you with years of comfort and luxury.

Price comparison

When it comes to comparing prices between percale and sateen bed sheets, there is a wide range of options. You can find everything from budget-friendly sheets to high-end luxury brands. Generally speaking, percale sheets are slightly less expensive than sateen sheets, but the difference in price is often minimal.

For budget-conscious shoppers, percale sheets offer a great value for their price. They tend to be more lightweight and breathable than sateen sheets, making them a great option for summer months. Plus, percale sheets are often easier to care for and less prone to wrinkling.

On the other hand, sateen sheets tend to be more expensive due to the extra fabric used in their construction. They are softer and more luxurious than percale sheets, making them a great choice for those who want a little extra indulgence. Plus, sateen sheets are usually more durable than percale sheets and can stand up to many years of use.

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No matter what your budget is, you’re sure to find the perfect bed sheets for you. Whether you choose percale or sateen, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting a great night’s sleep.

What is the difference between percale and sateen bed sheets?

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes percale and sateen sheets feel different?

Percale and sateen sheets feel different due to the different weave of the fabric. Percale is a crisp, breathable, lightweight fabric with a matte finish. This weave creates a cool and crisp feel. Sateen is softer and more luxurious with a subtle sheen, it is smoother and more flexible, creating a luxurious and warm feel.

How should i choose between percale and sateen sheets?

When choosing between percale and sateen sheets, consider your preferences when it comes to texture and feel. Percale sheets are lightweight and crisp, while sateen sheets are soft and smooth. Think about whether you prefer a cooler and more breathable feel or a softer and more luxurious one. Also consider the thread count and weave of the fabric. Percale is typically woven tightly which makes it more durable and gives it a matte finish, while sateen has a softer feel due to its looser weave. Ultimately, the decision is up to you and what you find most comfortable.

Are there any special care instructions for percale or sateen sheets?

Yes, special care instructions are recommended for both percale and sateen sheets. Percale sheets should be washed in cold water with a gentle detergent and tumble dried on low heat. It’s best to avoid fabric softener and chlorine bleach. For sateen sheets, use the same cold water wash and tumble dry on low, but you can also iron sateen sheets on the lowest setting. Avoid over-drying sateen sheets to prevent shrinkage.

Is there much difference between percale and sateen in terms of price?

Generally speaking, percale sheets tend to be slightly more affordable than sateen sheets. However, the price difference between the two types of sheets can vary depending on the quality and brand. Additionally, the size of the sheet set, such as a queen or king size, will also affect the overall price.


You now have a better understanding of the differences between percale and sateen bed sheets. Percale sheets are lightweight and breathable, with a crisp and matte finish, whereas sateen sheets are a bit heavier and smoother, with a subtle sheen. If you’re looking for a light and airy feel, you may prefer the percale, but if you’re looking for a warmer, more luxurious feel, sateen is the way to go. Ultimately, the choice is up to you. No matter what type of sheet you choose, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be getting a quality product that will provide you with the comfort and relaxation you deserve.


  • Percale sheets are usually made of 100% cotton and have a tight weave, which makes them more breathable and durable than sateen sheets. (Source: Sleepopolis.com)
  • Sateen sheets are usually made of a combination of cotton and synthetic fibers and have a luxurious, glossy finish. (Source: Sleepopolis.com)
  • More and more people are investing in higher-quality bedding, such as sateen sheets, for better sleep and a more comfortable sleeping experience. (Source: SleepStyles.
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