A pop up beach tent for baby is a great way to protect your little one from the sun and elements while enjoying a day at the beach. These tents are super easy to set up and take down, making them perfect for on-the-go families. Plus, they typically come with SPF protection built right in, so you can rest assured that your kiddo is safe from harmful UV rays.

We’ve used a pop up beach tent for our baby several times now and we absolutely love it! It’s so convenient being able to just pop it open and have a shady spot for her to play in minutes. And because it has UPF protection, we don’t have to worry about reapplying sunscreen as often.

Top Pick

Monobeach Baby Beach Tent

If you’re looking for a beach tent that will provide your infant with protection from the sun’s harmful rays, the Monobeach Baby Beach Tent is a great option. This tent features 50+ UV protection and a mini pool at the bottom, making it perfect for young children. The Monobeach Baby Beach Tent is easy to set up and take down, light weight, and comes with a carry bag for convenience.

Beach Tent Pop Up Shade

When it comes to finding the perfect beach tent, there are a few key features you’ll want to look for. First and foremost, make sure the tent is made from UPF 50+ material. This will protect you and your family from harmful UV rays while you’re enjoying time in the sun. The tent should also be well-ventilated, with 360° ventilation for better air circulation. Additionally, double door design is always a plus, as it makes getting in and out of the tent a breeze. Finally, built-in side sandbags provide stability and peace of mind in windy conditions. When it’s all said and done, you’ll want a light beach tents that weighs no more than 5 or 6 pounds – easy enough to carry without breaking a sweat!

Beach Tent – Sunba Youth

When it comes to spending time at the beach, you want to be sure that you have a good quality tent that will protect you from the sun’s harmful rays. The Sunba Youth Anti UV Beach Shade is perfect for this purpose, as it has a UPF 50+ rating. This means that it will block out 98% of the sun’s UV radiation, making it an ideal choice for those who are looking for maximum protection.

The humanized size of this tent means that it will comfortably fit 2-3 people, and it is made from breathable polyester material which helps to keep you cool and comfortable even in hot weather conditions. The automatic pop up design means that there is no need for any assembly, and the wind resistant and ventilated design ensures that you can enjoy a pleasant day at the beach without worrying about the weather.

This tent also comes with a carry bag for easy travel, so you can easily take it with you wherever you go. Whether you are going on a family vacation or a romantic getaway, this tent is an essential item to pack in your suitcase.

GoodBorn Baby Beach Tent

Looking for a beach tent for your baby? Look no further than the GoodBorn Baby Beach Tent! This easy-to-fold tent is perfect for any baby or toddler, and comes with instructions and a video so you can get it set up in no time. The four loops and pegs keep the tent more stable than other tents on the market, and the three toy loops and three mesh pockets are perfect for storing all of your little one’s toys. Plus, the GoodBorn Baby Beach Tent is splash proof and provides UV50+ protection from the sun, making it ideal for days spent at the beach. When you’re done, simply pack it up in the included travel bag and take it with you wherever you go!

WolfWise Beach Tent

Looking to buy a beach tent? Check out the WolfWise UPF 50+ Easy Pop Up Beach Tent Sun Shelter Instant Automatic Portable Sport Umbrella Indoor Playhouse Baby Canopy Cabana. This innovative tent weighs just 3.8 lbs and folds down to a travel size of 20″ L x 20″ W x 1.38″ H, making it perfect for taking on the go. The sandbag design fitted with a tightening string allows you to pour sand in and out within seconds, and 4 wind ropes are added to make it hard to be blown down in windy conditions. The pop up tent is made of polyester and eco-friendly silver coating that effectively blocks up to 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. The water-repellent structure will keep you dry and relaxed when it drizzles, but please avoid using it in heavy rain. The large front entrance combined with the full-zippered rear door provides easy access and maximum ventilation. Zip up the front and rear door to change into dry clothes for privacy. Two mesh windows are enlarged to help circulate air and widen your vision – perfect for keeping an eye on little ones while they play on the beach. So what are you waiting for? Grab the WolfW

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